we have commenced our operations within the industry by combining our know-how developed over 14 years with the production experience of our engineering staff. We design, produce, assemble and test the products we manufacture at our own facilities and with our own expert personnel. As a result, we have assured a standard of quality in all of our processes. Furthermore, we continually invest in our R&D department in order to provide our customers with products of higher quality and safety. We have become a leading company within the industry in a short amount of time, with our product variety, approach to quality, sales and after sales support. The products such as;

Level Control Equipments, Flexible Metal Hoses, Expansion Joints, Valves, Sprinkler Connection Hoses

that we produce and sell in this regard; are being preferred in numerous industries from the defence industry and shipping industries to industrial applications and the chemical industries due to the advantages we provide regarding the quality of our products, stability of our prices and delivery times.

As a company which provides direction and information to its customers regarding our products, as a company that provides economical solutions, provides engineering services and aims to solve its customers' problems; the industry's demands have led us to keep up with technological advances and innovations, expand our product range and to provide competitive prices to the country's economy. Our team which is comprised of 35% engineers, 65% qualified personnel are continually attend in-house training seminars and thus, the quality of our workforce is continually enhanced.

As KAYSE A.S., we take pride in providing direction to the industry by producing the highest quality products, in the shortest amount of time and at the most affordable prices.